More Successful Transaction By VR Business Brokers


Ground-Route Transportation Business

VR Business Sales of New Haven, Connecticut, a leader in the sale of privately-held companies, recently facilitated the strategic sale of a ground-route transportation business for $628,000.

The transaction, which closed last month, was handled by William Hall, a business intermediary specialist.

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Eco-Friendly Dry-Cleaning Plant

VR Business Sales of Greensboro, North Carolina, a leader in the sale of privately-held companies, recently facilitated the strategic sale of an eco-friendly dry-cleaning plant for $192,500.

The transaction, which closed last month, was handled by Ben Haines, a business intermediary specialist.

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Two Independent Compounding Pharmacies

VR Mergers & Acquisitions, located in West Palm Beach, Florida, announced it has been engaged by an owner of two independent compounding pharmacies to assist in facilitating the sale of their businesses.

These two full service pharmacies do both retail of over-the-counter and prescription medication as well as medical equipment such as wheel chairs, hospital beds and CPM machines. Go to the VR Web Site for further details.

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Pizzeria and Sports Bar

VR Business Brokers, located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania, the leading business intermediary firm in the area, has recently been engaged to assist in facilitating the strategic sale of a pizzeria and sports bar in Philadelphia.

This business is located in a busy neighborhood where the locals like to come for a good time. Great opportunity to enjoy the success of this restaurant. All inventory and equipment, as well as liquor license, come with the sale. Click here for more details.


Superior Printing Company, FL: $1,225,000
Auto Salvage Yard, KS: $409,000
Liquor Store, CA: $235,000
Full-Service Day Spa, SC: $170,000
Upscale Print Shop, ON: $120,000

VR is celebrating over 30 years as the world’s only network of full-time professional business intermediaries that addresses the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

VR has sold more businesses in the world than anyone®.

VR Business Franchise locations are available throughout U.S., Canada, and Europe.

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Seller Financing Contributes to Successful Business Sales

Article by Peter King, CEO of VR Business Sales

As is taught in training at VR Corporate for all franchisees, seller financing can help to sell businesses. Most sellers are entrepreneurial like your past and present clients, selling one business to invest in another.
You can bring both buyers and seller together to close a deal through seller financing. This can help you in a variety of circumstances where obtaining capital from lenders can be difficult in this economy.
Benefits of Seller Financing
The major advantages to using seller financing include:
  • Buyer and Seller savings in closing costs;
  • Ability to negotiate the interest rate, repayment schedule and other loan conditions;
  • Requesting special conditions of the purchase like inventory, furniture, fixtures and expenditures;
  • Seller receiving a higher yield on investment through equity with interest.

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You can benefit from the extensive training VR offers to all our franchise owners.
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The VR Advantage – Buying A Business with VR Business Brokers

VR Advantage – Buying with VR
By JoAnn Lombardi, President VR Business Sales and Mergers & Acquisitions

VR’s International Network of Professional Business Intermediary’s offers over thirty years of successful experience to the buyer of a small or mid-size business around the world.

Our tradition of bringing qualified buyers and committed sellers together is the cornerstone of the VR organization.

VR boasts as being the only network of business intermediary’s that requires a fulltime commitment on behalf of its franchisees and associates.

VR has never allowed part-time offices and part-time associates to represent our clients, and makes the promise that it never will in the future. Our responsibility and obligation to the general public is taken seriously, therefore, we do not allow part-time, work-at-home individuals help find the correct qualified business opportunity for you.

Our Intermediaries are continually trained on market trends and conditions, financing options and techniques, and transaction structures, which allow the VR network to better serve its acquiring clients.

Every highly trained and experienced VR Business Intermediary is dedicated to your needs, and eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Choosing VR gives you the ability to search for qualified business opportunities on a local, regional, national, and international basis.

VR will aid you with your financing requirements, help package the transaction for the lender approval, and give you access to our national banking relationships. No transaction is too small or too large for VR to lend its expertise.

You can also benefit from the VR Business Franchise Opportunity by opening your own VR office.

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Do Your Homework Before Applying for SBA Loans

Preparing Yourself  To Apply For An SBA Business Loan

In today’s economic environment, there’s a smart way to obtain a small-business loan according to a recent article in the Los Angeles Times.

Preparation is one thing that is essential in obtaining loan approval. You need to be able to explain and justify every area of the business you are buying. You can’t simply present projections for the next five years and talk about construction and renovation. In many cases, you will need additional data and may have to revise your application.

SBA lenders will actively look for small businesses that are aggressive in obtain a strong profit margin while keeping overhead low. They will also look at character, where you will not only be able but willing to write a check to cover a loan if it goes bad.

SBA Financing To Purchase A Business

SBA financing offers buyers attractive loan terms and interest rates while eliminating, or reducing, the need for the seller to carry a note. This means a lower down payment and lower debt service for the buyer, which translates into more net income for the buyer. Both of these factors make SBA financing attractive.

Financing the Purchase of a Business: The deal has to make dollars and sense

The most important factor a buyer must consider in the purchase of a business is cash flow. Financing substantially increases a buyer’s cash flow while lowering their up front investment. Thus, financing is a critical factor in a successful transaction.
Read more about Financing The Business Acquisition here…



VR Has a Tremendous Opportunity, with over 100 locations worldwide and over 70,000 transactions closed.

VR is a leading international intermediary franchise. We specialize in the sale of small and medium privately-held businesses.

The VR Business Sales division, which opened in 1979, handles the sale of small businesses up to $2 million in value.

The VR Mergers and Acquisitions division serves a diverse client base, including individuals, corporations and institutions seeking assistance in the acquisition, divestiture or valuation of mid-market companies up to $200 million in size. Financing available.

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VR in Dallas Texas Facilitates $4.4 Million Sale of Commercial Debt Collection Company

VR in Dallas, Texas franchisee Jon Peters recently facilitated the sale of a commercial debt collection company for $4.4 million.
This was a tremendous deal, considering the challenges that arose with the business where revenues and net income had been declining consistently for the past four years.

“When we first listed this business, the numbers looked somewhat decent with $1,787,000 EBITDA on $4.4 million in revenue,” said Jon. “These numbers were down from the previous two years from $5.4 million in revenue and $2.1 million in EBITDA.”

According to Jon, the owners had felt they had reached the bottom and now were on the rebound to make this business sellable.

“We began marketing and found a very unique buyer that was willing to pay $4 million down and a $1.4 million carry for 5 years,” said Jon. “This was a great deal for the sellers. The buyers had located funding that was based on the business’ ability to create new jobs; therefore, receiving the loan based on this scenario.”

The parties were in the process of negotiating the last items on the purchase agreement when the bottom fell out.

“We received the updated financials for 2010 that had the business pacing at only $3.6 million in revenues and about $1.1 million in EBITDA, down by almost $700,000 in net income,” said Jon. “This immediately stopped the sale and created an almost impossible new challenge for us in selling this business.”

With the original buyers dropping out of the sale, Jon started marketing the business at a new asking price, based on the current numbers. They were able to find an Angel Fund Investor who was looking for a company with a call center that could be grown overseas, and saw this as a perfect fit. After two months of what Jon calls, “late-night phone calls with attorneys on both sides and multiple face-to-face meetings,” they closed on a $4.4 million deal for the seller with $3 million at the time of closing and a five-year payout on the balance in a consulting agreement.

It was a great transaction for the VR Dallas office, where they were able to overcome the challenges that the business faced with the declining numbers. Upon reviewing this deal and others that they have done, Jon says, “I am convinced that almost every business is sellable if you can find that right buyer.”

The VR team in Dallas, Texas has been successful since opening the location. They recognizes the financial and professional goals that can be accomplished as a VR Business Broker office facilitating the sale of small, mid-sized businesses with mid-market transactions.

See the video below where VR Dallas talks about the experience of owning a VR Franchise:

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Owner of VR Business Office in Hawaii Comments on State of Economy

VR in Hawaii has seen a dramatic increase in the number of business listings due to the growing confidence in the marketplace. As a result, VR Owner in Hawaii, Matthew DiGeronimo has hired more staff to handle all the new clients at his office he says according to a recent article in the Hawaii Business Magazine.

“In May last year, we had five clients. In April 2011, we had 75 clients,” said DiGeronimo in the article, where he added that 81 percent of the local establishments for sale are represented by his VR location. Among those the clients that came in that month, 15 were buyers.

Having seen the potential that VR has to offer, DiGeronimo became the owner of the three franchise locations in Hawaii in helping entrepreneurs through the process of buying and selling of businesses.

“We had zero buyers a year ago,” DiGeronimo says. “We’ve had to hire three more people to serve clients who are not only looking to buy a business, but sell a business, because they are approaching retirement age, or moving back to the Mainland to care for elderly parents, as well as to just be closer to adult children.”

Hints of falling prices and other trends have added to the confidence in the business sales market in Hawaii. On BizBuySell, for example, the number of businesses listed for sale in the state skyrocketed from 2 in the first quarter of 2010 to 108 in the first quarter of this year.

VR has office locations available in many locations. To see a full list of available VR Franchise locations, please visit the VR Global Headquarters website

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Successful Transactions by VR Business Brokers Intermediaries


Hardware Brand Importer Company

VR Business Sales of Artesia, California, a leader in the sale of privately-held companies, recently facilitated the strategic sale of a hardware brand importer company for $1.19 Million.

The transaction, which closed this month, was handled by William Park, a business intermediary specialist.


Technical Services Temp Agency

VR Business Sales of New Haven, Connecticut, a leader in the sale of privately-held companies, recently facilitated the strategic sale of a technical services temp agency for $250,000.

The transaction, which closed this month, was handled by William D. Hall, a business intermediary specialist.



Precision Tool Manufacturer

VR Mergers & Acquisitions located in Charlotte, North Carolina, announced it has been engaged by a precision tool manufacturer to assist in facilitating the sale of their business.

Founded in the 1980’s, this is a high precision manufacturer with state of the art machining and tool making capabilities. They offer complete machining of nearly every kind of industrial tool including stamping and forming dies, plastic injection and die cast molds, forging dies and extrusion dies. Go to the VR Web Site for further details.


Flooring and Carpet Business

VR Business Brokers, located in Edmonton, Alberta, the leading business intermediary firm in the area, has recently been engaged to assist in facilitating the strategic sale of a flooring and carpet business.

This company has been established for 36 years as a premier retail flooring business serving Fort Saskatchewan and surrounding areas. This business has several excellent contractual relationships including builders, property management companies and corporate businesses. Click here for more details.


VR is celebrating over 30 years as the world’s only network of full-time professional business intermediaries that addresses the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

VR has sold more businesses in the world than anyone®.

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VR Artesia NO 1 2009With baby boomers selling their businesses to retire, corporate executives frustrated with their jobs and managers looking to buy a business to replace their corporate position, NOW is a great time to become part of VR!

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