Franchises For Sale – Business Franchise Opportunity Barter Exchange

Franchises For Sale – Business Franchise Opportunity

Merchants Barter Exchange Growing Fast as the Leading Trade Exchange in U.S.

Merchants Barter ExchangeThe VR Franchise Showcase, a leader in franchise and business placement for aspiring and established owners, has partnered with Merchants Barter Exchange in growing their network across North America.
Today, barter is back in a big way, fueled by trade exchanges that facilitate transactions among member countries and companies. There are now thousands of member companies, large, medium and small, presenting potential licensees with a growth opportunity seldom encountered in these challenging times.
  • On average, 800 barter transactions take place every minute in North America.
  • The average dollar amount of a barter transaction is $12,645.
  • Over 60% of Fortune 500 companies barter on a daily basis to enhance cash flow, preserve their asset base and get full retail value for their unsold inventories.
  • The current barter boom began in 2001 and has grown over 120% per annum since.
Merchants Barter Exchange offers competitive prices to members nationwide. All transactions are paid for 100% in trade.
There are three primary benefits that Merchants Barter Exchange offers their member companies:
New business generation. Member companies are exposed to thousands of new business contacts across the U.S. eager to spend their Trade Dollars.
Cash conservation. Member companies purchase the goods and services they need with Trade Dollars instead of cash – reducing the cost of borrowing.

Excess time, inventory and capacity capitalization. Members are able to obtain a higher value for these assets than they would if they sold them for cash at a few cents on the dollar.

As a licensed owner, your focus first will be to hire and manage a sales force of 10 reps. Merchants Barter Exchange will handle all training for you. Once new accounts are approved in their system, they will handle all mailing, billing, brokering and marketing.

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VR Business Franchise Opportunity – Become a VR Business Franchise Owner

To find out more about the opportunity to sell Franchises and Businesses of all types take a look at the advantages of owning a VR Business Franchise.

By becoming a VR Business Franchise Owner you will be able to market and sell Franchises of all types to your clients.

You’ll have access to the comprehensive training to learn all the techniques for effectively marketing and selling franchises, as well as any other type of business including mergers & acquisitions.

Through the support and training from VR your business sales office can become part of the VR success. VR Franchisees have had one of the highest success rates in the industry.

To get more information about owning a VR Business Franchise, please contact:
Toll-Free: 800-377-8722  or 954-565-1555

Director of Franchise Development
VR Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

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VR Business Franchise Opportunity Video | Investment Banking Franchise

Discover the VR Business Sales Franchise opportunity to Sell Businesses internationally including Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment Banking opportunities.

The video highlights some of the main benefits of the VR Business Franchise to succeed in the exciting industry of business sales and mergers & acquisitions.

This is a unique franchise opportunity to join a proven and successful organization.

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We offer a free weekly webinar which goes into more detail about the VR Business Franchise. To view the next Webinar click here for login info and webinar schedule.

Video of VR Mergers & Acquisitions Business Franchise Opportunity

This is a Video Interview with one of the many satisfied VR Business Franchise Owners.

Scot describes some of the benefits he experienced from owning a VR Mergers & Acquisitions Business Franchise to sell businesses in the U.S. and Worldwide.

This is a unique franchise opportunity to join a proven and successful organization.

Please click on VR Franchise Information Request to receive more details about this unique opportunity.