Business Broker Franchise – VR Business Franchise Opportunity

Whether you already are a business broker activily involved in business sales, or whether you are interested in becoming involved in business brokerage, VR Business Sales and Mergers & Acquisitions can offer the path to success in this very exciting but competitive field.

VR is selective when choosing those to join its network of professional intermediaries, and is seeking full time, committed professionals with entrepreneurial drive.

When you join VR and its network of professional intermediaries, you are choosing to team up with the nation’s premier business intermediary firm.

You will greatly increase your efficiency, expertise and most importantly, your earnings.

When you become a VR Intermediary you will be trained to provide every client with the same level of service and professional resources that a large institutional client receives from the finest investment bank.

Through the VR Business Franchise you will have the opportunity and the ability to sell from a wide variety of businesses and franchises. The price range can range from businesses selling in the few hundred thousand dollars range to businesses over $1,000,000 and much higher values.

VR offers plenty of assitance in providing all the information you need to make the right decision as well as answering all your questions about your particular business requirements.

VR has sold more businesses in the world than anyone®, so why not join a successful team and ensure your own success even in a slower economy.

For more information on becoming part of the successful VR Business Sales Franchise group contact us online or
Call  Director of Franchise Development, Toll-Free: 800-377-8722  or 954-565-1555