JoAnn Lombardi | How to Approach Selling Your Business

How to Approach Selling Your Business

Article by JoAnn Lombardi, Pres. VR Business Sales

When a business owner makes the decision to sell, the goal of selling a business remains the same, maximizing what you receive from the sale.

When the decision is made to sell the business, there are some pointers to follow in making sure the transaction is successful.

Standing by the Process

Deciding the Point Person for the Sale

Establishing Deadlines

Communicate with Your Landlord and Banker

Readying for Buyer Due Diligence

Determining what should be Included in Letter of Intent

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JoAnn Lombardi | Being Aware of Deal Breakers in a Business Sale

Being Aware of Deal Breakers in a Business Sale

Article By JoAnn Lombardi, President VR Business Sales
When the time is approaching when the business sale is near, both buyers and sellers can jump the gun, resulting in complications.

At VR, we advise you on paying attention to every step of the process.

There are a few factors that can cause a deal to collapse, which you should know:

Undisclosed Information Surfaces

Asking for Additional/No Collateral

Lack of Buyer and Seller Rapport

Inability by Buyer to Raise Necessary Capital

The Seller Backs Out

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To learn more about avoiding these and other types of deal breakers, contact your local VR business intermediary today.




Peter King | Determining Risk when Buying a Business

Determining Risk when Buying a Business

Article by Peter King, CEO of VR Business Brokers


Risk can be influenced by the stage of the venture, the competitive advantage, proprietary technology, the expertise and experience of management and many other factors that can determine whether a venture succeeds or fails.

Below is a list of some financial instruments that are sorted by ascending order of risk:

Senior Loans Across All Assets

Senior Loans with Specifically-Named Assets

Subordinated Loans across All Assets

Unsecured Loans

Preferred Stock

Common Stock

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JoAnn Lombardi | New Guidelines to Measure Your Business

Using New Yardsticks to Measure Your Business

By JoAnn Lombardi, President of VR Business Brokers


The Internet is an important tool for enhancing the value of any business and its owners. As a business owner, it allows you to develop new ways to measure your performance as well as market to qualified buyers if you are looking to sell.

Innovation and Flexibility

Customer Loyalty

Transactional Excellence

Customer Information

Infrastructure Reliability

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How to Approach Selling Your Business

When a business owner makes the decision to sell, it can be instantaneous. It can be made after years of planning or quickly through thoughts of retirement, personal or family matters. Regardless of the reason, the goal of selling a business remains the same, maximizing what you receive from the sale.
Businesses change hands every year. Because this will be one of the most important transactions you will make in your life, you should approach it with careful and concise planning. It should be the same time and energy that you have dedicated to building that business….

Preparing to Sell Your Business by VR Business Brokers


Preparing to sell your business will increase the value and marketability of your business when you are ready to sell. 

This is often called developing an Exit Strategy, which sounds complicated, however it actually can be fairly straightforward and easy to implement.  Some simple steps to increase the value of your business you can take right now are:

  1. Prepare your books and records: make sure your P&L and tax returns accurately reflect the financial performance of your business and all of your owner benefits (expenses) are well documented.
  2. Maximize your earnings and sales.
  3. Meet with a VR Professional Intermediary to plan your sale well in advance.
  4. Meet with your tax advisor to discuss advance tax planning to minimize your taxes from the sale.
  5. Prepare your business infrastructure for a future sale: train your staff, document procedures, etc.
  6. Customers: diversify your customer base, if possible, if you have any single customer representing more than 20% of your business.
  7. Suppliers: diversify your supplier base, if possible, if any single supplier represents more than 20% of your products or inventory.
  8. Marketing materials: clean up your marketing materials, develop new materials, this will be the buyers first look at your company’s products and services, it will help your business in the mean time as well.
  9. Inventory: clean up your inventory, eliminate obsolete and unsellable inventory.
  10. Spring cleaning: clean up your premises, make your business look sharp and professional.  This will increase the value, make it look more appealing to prospective buyers, and will help your business image in the mean time.

Contact your VR Intermediary to develop a plan to prepare your business for sale and maximize the value of your business.

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The VR Advantage | Buying a Business With VR


VR’s International Network of Professional Business Intermediaries offers over thirty years of successful experience to the buyer of a small or mid-size business around the world.

Our tradition of bringing qualified buyers and committed sellers together is the cornerstone of the VR organization.

VR boasts as being the only network of business intermediary’s that requires a fulltime commitment on behalf of its franchisees and associates.

VR has never allowed part-time offices and part-time associates to represent our clients, and makes the promise that it never will in the future.

Our responsibility and obligation to the general public is taken seriously, therefore, we do not allow part-time, work-at-home individuals help find the correct qualified business opportunity for you.

Our Intermediary’s are continually trained on market trends and conditions, financing options and techniques, and transaction structures, which allow the VR network to better serve its acquiring clients. Every highly trained and experienced VR Business Intermediary is dedicated to your needs, and eager to share their knowledge and expertise with you.

Choosing VR gives you the ability to search for qualified business opportunities on a local, regional, national, and international basis.

VR will aid you with your financing requirements, help package the transaction for the lender approval, and give you access to our national banking relationships. No transaction is too small or too large for VR to lend its expertise.

Call VR for more information at 1.800.377.8722