Being Aware of Deal Breakers in a Business Sale

When the time is approaching when the business sale is near, both buyers and sellers can jump the gun, resulting in the situation quickly moving south. Whether it’s an issue with the closing documents being done at escrow, question of funds being transferred, incorrect inventory count or use of goodwill or intellectual property, a deal can abruptly come to a stop if either party isn’t careful.
At VR, we advise you on paying attention to every step of the process. There are a few factors that can cause a deal to collapse, which you should know….

Returning Veterans See the Opportunities in Franchising through VetFran Program

A challenge that many military veterans have when they return from their tours overseas is working their way back into a work force that continues to see high unemployment. However, many were able to see new opportunities recently at the 2012 Franchise Expo South in Miami Beach, Florida.
Many have the leadership and skills necessary to run a business due to their military experience, and have discovered that franchising is a great opportunity to be their own boss. Thousands of veterans have been courted by franchisors through the VetFran program, which serves to assist those returning from the front lines of war in the transition back into society….

Remembering Assets in a Business Valuation

Did you know that a business' assets are an important piece to a business valuation? Most people involved in selling their business underestimate the importance of the fair market value of their assets. Relying solely on book value or your best estimate will cost you a lot of money left on the table. In order to perform an accurate valuation for your business, you have to examine the value of its assets.


When discussing hard assets, there are various categories such as:

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment; Vehicles or rolling stock; Inventory (both for resale and parts for everyday repairs); Leasehold improvements; and Licenses, Patents and Trademarks….

JoAnn Lombardi – Deciding to Position Your Business for Sale

Deciding to Position Your Business for Sale

By JoAnn Lombardi, Pres. VR Business Brokers
When a business owner decides that the time is right to sell the business, regardless of the reason (burnout, retirement, new aspirations), it is imperative to do so the right way so the optimal sales price can be obtained.

As a business owner, it is easy to have concerns when contemplating whether to sell your business; especially when you start to see that the process of selling your business doesn’t give that flexibility that you need to make the best deal.

It’s important to start planning early on toward the time when you decide to sell your business.

You want to look at building long-term value, not only making a profit in the short term.

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JoAnn Lombardi – Evaluating the Buyer for Your Business

Seller Beware – Due Diligence Critical When Evaluating the Buyer for Your Business

By JoAnn Lombardi, Pres. VR Business Brokers


Normally when the buying or selling of a business takes place, the buyer only performs due diligence. However, smart sellers know that it’s a two-way street.


The seller has a lot to risk. Of course, if you sell your business for 100% cash, you risk very little. However, this is a rare scenario.

In performing due diligence, the seller should employ the same checklists as the buyer and ask equivalent questions, including areas of:





You want to make sure that your business is in capable hands. You want a buyer that will help grow your business.

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JoAnn Lombardi – Restriction Clauses When Selling A Business

When to Apply Restrictions and Prohibitions in the Business Deal

By JoAnn Lombardi, President VR Business Brokers

It’s important for both Buyer and Seller to protect themselves by including the proper terms and conditions in the Business Sale Agreement.

The fact is the buyer is going to have concerns about the seller possibly taking away the goodwill that they’ve created.

The seller will want to know what activities that they will be able to engage in without the threat of legal action.

There are also important factors to understand and cover in the agreement such as “Competition” versus “Solicitation”

Other important points include Express Provisions in the Sales Contract  and Course of Action.

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JoAnn Lombardi – Preparing Your Business for a Buyer’s Visit

Preparing Your Business for a Buyer’s Visit

By JoAnn Lombardi, Pres. VR Business Brokers


A buyer’s visit has to be taken very seriously for a number of reasons if you want to move closer to a deal to sell your business.

A visit from a buyer is an opportunity for him or her to meet not only with you but with your management team as well as tour the company’s offices and other facilities.

The buyer will ask you specific and in depth questions about your business to determine what are the benefits and risks.

On the other end, you should be asking questions to make sure that the buyer has the financing to even proceed with the purchase.

Be sure to assemble current financial statements and other essential documents that will be helpful.

And last but not least, keep your business visually appealing to make a good impression.

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