Successful Business Sales Transactions by VR Business Franchise Owners

VR is celebrating over 30 years as the world’s only network of full-time professional business intermediaries that addresses the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

VR’s leadership in the industry has pioneered and set the professional standard by which all other business sales and Intermediary firms are measured. VR’s unparalleled experience and expertise, unmatched resources, and the most highly trained network of Professional Business Intermediaries have been instrumental in positioning the organization globally as the choice of serious buyers and sellers of business enterprises.

Here are just a few examples of recent successful business transactions by VR Business Sales Franchise Offices:


Medical Billing Practice
VR Mergers & Acquisitions of Chattanooga, Tennessee, a leader in the sale of privately-held companies, recently facilitated the strategic sale of a medical billing practice.

The transaction, which closed this month, was handled by Ron Peterson, a business intermediary specialist.

Importer/Distributor of Gifts & Souvenirs
VR Mergers & Acquisitions, located in San Diego, California, the leading business intermediary firm in the area, has recently facilitated the strategic sale of an importer/distributor of gifts & souvenirs.

Ken Oppeltz, a VR Intermediary, represented the seller throughout the transaction that was completed in October 2010.


Wine Megastore
VR Mergers & Acquisitions located in Great Neck, New York, announced today it has been engaged by a wine megastore to assist in facilitating the sale of their business.

This breathtaking megastore offers a wide selection of artisan wines, in addition to all the main stream brands, liquors and beers. Located in the shadows of midtown Manhattan, it is positioned in the heart of one of the trendiest, up-and-coming new developments in NJ.

Go to VR Web Site for further details.

Established Automotive Supply Store
VR Business Sales in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, specializing in the sales and acquisitions of small and mid-sized businesses, has announced that the company has been retained to facilitate the sale of a estalbished automotive supply store.

With one of the best retail locations at the intersection of two major state highways, this business provides auto parts service in the SE Wisconsin area.

Click here for further details and contact information.

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VR has sold more businesses in the world than anyone®.

Becoming a VR Business Sales Franchise Owner

When you open a new VR Franchise Office you will be trained to provide every client with the same level of service and professional resources that a large institutional client receives from the finest investment bank.

VR is committed to work diligently with every franchisee to provide the proper tools and training needed to successfully compete within the industry.

VR will provide a comprehensive team consultancy approach to each and every business transaction combined with continual on-going support.
You’ll find yourself in extremely good company as a Professional dealing with other like-minded Professionals.

For more information on how you can become part of the successful VR Business Sales Franchise group contact us online or
Call Director of Franchise Development, Toll-Free: 800-377-8722  or 954-565-1555

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Business Franchise Opportunities | Using SBA Loans to Finance Your Business

Using SBA Loans to Finance a Business or a Franchise

Finding the Right Path to Capital

Right Path to CapitalThe biggest obstacle people have when trying to buy a business stems from lack of down payment and little start-up capital. However, any VR Business Sales intermediary will explain that SBA-guaranteed loans are a great option that will become easier to obtain given the latest SBA bill that was signed into law. They are very attractive to small business buyers due to long-term financing and a low down payment.

Click Here to Read the Full Article

Looking for Assistance In Purchasing A Business?

If you would like more information and assistance with the options available to finance the purchase of a business, one of the highly trained VR Business Intermediaries can offer some valuable guidance.
Click here for more information of how VR can help with Planning Your Financial Needs.

Assistance in Financing the purchase of a VR Business Sales Franchise

If you are interested in exploring the options of owning a VR Business Franchise and how you may be able to finance it, please contact us online or Call  Director of Franchise Development, Toll-Free: 800-377-8722  or 954-565-1555

Franchises For Sale through The Franchise Showcase

Links Golf Cafe Infuses Golf into a Cafe-Styled Franchise

Links Golf Cafe

The VR Franchise Showcase, a leader in franchise and business placement for aspiring and established business owners, has entered a relationship with Links Golf Cafe, a unique franchise concept that combines recreation golf with a coffee bar.

Through owning a Links Golf Cafe franchise, you can appeal to demographics that enjoy great food and custom-roasted organic coffees with game improvement training tools, custom-fit, custom-designed golf clubs, cool performance clothing, corporate and community meeting rooms and the hottest golf simulators on the planet.

Most of all, it’s a place for people to meet and share their passion for the sport of golf.

Links Golf Cafe conveys their image to their customers through the look, sound and feel of their franchise owners, staff, products and training and office facilities.

Links Golf Cafe is a great fit for major regional malls, high-end outlet malls, select downtown office towers and airports.

Click here to learn more about Links Golf Cafe franchise opportunities.

Become a VR Business Franchise Owner

If you would like the opportunity to sell Franchises and Businesses of all types you might want to take a look at the advantages of owning a VR Business Franchise.

By becoming a VR Business Franchise Owner you will be able to market and sell Franchises of all types to your clients.

You’ll have access to the comprehensive training to learn all the techniques for effectively marketing and selling franchises, as well as any other type of business including mergers & acquisitions.

VR Franchisees have had one of the highest success rates in the industry. Through the support and training from VR your business sales office can become part of the VR success.

For more information about owning a VR Business Franchise, please contact:
Toll-Free: 800-377-8722  or 954-565-1555

Director of Franchise Development
VR Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

Or check out the Free Weekly Webinar which covers information on all aspects of the VR Business Franchise Opportunity

Steps to Opening Your Own VR Business Franchise Office

Steps to Opening Your New VR Franchise Office

Start the process and you could be opening your new VR office in just a few weeks!

Here are the first steps to opening a new VR franchise:

1. Speak with our Franchise Development Team to learn more about VR.

2. Attend the Free VR Webinar for more detailed information and a live demo of our systems.

3. Complete the Confidential Personal Profile (online franchise application).

Contact us for a personal interview to answer all your questions:

Toll-Free: 800-377-8722  or 954-565-1555

Director of Franchise Development
Certified Business Intermediary
International M&A Master Intermediary

About VR Business Sales and Mergers & Acquisitions

Since 1979, VR Has Been the #1 Professional Business Intermediary in the World.

In 1979 VR set out to revolutionize the way businesses changed hands.  Today we are the innovative leader in the sale of privately held companies.  With diligence and expertise, a commitment to internal education, and unsurpassed professionalism, we are proud that…

For over 30 years, VR has set the standards by which the sale of small and mid-market businesses have transferred.

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Franchise Business Opportunity Articles


Buying a franchise gives you a head start with your business. There is some brand recognition that goes along with most franchises; brand recognition helps pass the trust factor along to the potential clients or customers.


Franchise business opportunities can be financially rewarding. Franchises are usually the result of a tested business model that has been successful requiring it to grow to allow for increased customer demand. Franchises allow for potential business owners to purchase a franchise of a tried and tested business model, which increases the chances of success. The franchisee is usually given additional training and support like marketing materials, advertising help, branding materials and sometimes software.


Are you looking to buy a franchise type businesses? There are franchise business opportunities everywhere, but there are a few things you should check out prior to purchasing a franchise.
Read further…


Franchise opportunities allow for new investors to buy a franchise of a tried and tested business model, which reduces the risk of failure. Franchisees are typically trained, so they aren’t alone in the process.
Franchise businesses are usually the result of a mature business model that has been successful requiring it to grow to meet the needs of their customers. The franchise business model is duplicated to cover a larger area so it can provide services to customers in the new areas.

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VR Has Sold More Businesses in the World Than Anyone. ®