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Featured VR Business Franchises For Sale in various US locations:

Business Sales Franchise, Chicago

Buy a VR Business Sales franchise in Chicago, where the area has been rated as having the most balanced economy in the United States, due to its high level of diversification. The Chicago metropolitan area has the third largest science and engineering work force of any metropolitan area in the nation. 
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Business Sales Franchise, Ft. Lauderdale

Are you done spending countless hours going through available business opportunities that are nothing but scams and dead ends? Are you sick of the mindless drudgery pitched to you by one broker after another who cares nothing about your interests and needs? Are you fed up with filling out one NDA after another to the point of nausea? 
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Business Sales Franchise, El Paso

Are you tired of filling out endless NDA forms for businesses for sale that do not meet your interests and needs professionally or financially? Then take this opportunity to contact VR Business Sales on how to buy your very own franchise, helping facilitate the ownership of a business from the established seller to the aspiring buyer!
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Business Sales Franchise, Washington, DC

As a VR Business Sales franchise owner, you will have the ability to work closely with every office owner as both an advocate and mentor with the right tools and training necessary to compete successfully in the business intermediary industry.
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Business Franchise Opportunity Articles


As the industry leaders in business sales, we are often asked what are the best franchise opportunities?
The best franchise opportunites are the ones that capitalize on various industries; for example, VR Business Broker franchise focuses on buying or selling businesses from numerous industries, so it wouldn’t feel the effect of a poorly performing industry.  Read more…


A VR franchise is the best franchise to own. Regardless of the economy businesses are being bought and sold everyday, so why not get a piece of the action and help others at the same time by owning your own VR franchise.   Read more…


Franchise ownership can be financially rewarding. Franchises are usually the result of a great business model that has been successful requiring it to grow to meet the needs of their customers. The franchise’s business model is duplicated to cover an increased area so it can provide services to customers in the new areas. Franchise opportunities allow for potential investors to buy a franchise of a tried and tested business, which increases the chances of success.
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A VR business franchise can be very rewarding in so many ways other than the obvious reason of increased earnings. People tend to succeed when they earn a successful living while providing a valuable service to others. With a VR business franchise you will be rewarded both financially and emotionally by assisting people in achieving their dreams.  Read more…

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VR Has Sold More Businesses in the World Than Anyone. ®

Buying A Franchise through the VR Franchise Showcase

Financial Management Consulting Firm Seeks Expansion

Dynamic Advisory Solutions Joins the Franchise Showcase

SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 — The VR Franchise Showcase, a leader in franchise placement for aspiring and established business owners, welcomes Dynamic Advisory Solutions as the latest franchisor to become an exclusive member to further expand their operations across North America.

Dynamic Advisory Solutions (DAS) is a financial management consulting firm that specializes in CFO and Controller services. Founded in 2000, their services go beyond compliance and transactional accounting work. They strive to help plan the future of their clients, manage overall business performance and achieve their goals of growth and profitability.

Their pricing is significantly less than the cost of employing a CFO or Controller. DAS helps businesses that are concerned about their lack of timely and accurate financial information, frustrated by the time they are spending on their accounting/finance, uncertain about their business goals, nervous about their financial health, struggling to achieve their financial objectives and grappling with financial issues.
This is a choice opportunity for a business professional with strong interpersonal skills that has experience in sales, marketing, finance or accounting.  Click here to discover what Dynamic Advisory Solutions can provide for you.

About the VR Franchise Showcase

The VR Franchise Showcase will support you with your decision in selecting the franchise business that’s right for you.
When you are making a career decision that involves investing your own money, you want the best advice that you can receive. With only one shot at making this the right decision, it’s important to have the most competent people on your team. Learn more about how the VR Franchise Showcase can fulfill your professional and financial goals as a franchise owner today!

The Advantage of Becoming a VR Business Franchise Owner

A unique opportunity available is the purchase of a VR Business Franchise for selling franchises, businesses, and mergers & acquisitions.

By becoming a VR Business Franchise Owner you will be able to market and sell Franchises of all types to your clients. Through the comprehensive training you’ll receive as a VR Franchisee you will learn all the techniques for effectively marketing and selling franchises, as well as any other type of business including mergers & acquisitions. And you’ll be comforted in knowing that VR Franchisees have had one of the highest success rates in the industry. Through the support and training from VR your business sales office can become part of the VR success.

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Business Sales vs. Selling Real Estate – Which is more profitable in this economy?

Are you involved in Real Estate Sales or are you a Real Estate Broker?
You Should Consider The Advantages Of Selling Businesses and Mergers & Acquisitions through VR Business Sales.

Before Buying a Franchise to be an m&a advisor or becoming a broker to sell real estate, there are several factors to consider in this economy.

Privately-held businesses drive the United States economy. There are over 25 million privately-held businesses alone in United States, which make up over 52% of the United States GDP and 50% of the domestic workforce. The same holds true around the world as privately-held businesses are the economic engine of most countries. With these figures, it only makes sense as a real estate broker to take advantage and start engaging in business sales.

At VR Business Sales, you have the ability to grab hold of a market that’s continually growing, while the real estate industry is continuing to bottom out. As a VR Business Sales intermediary, you will capitalize in an industry that’s full of lucrative opportunities.

Average Commission

Every VR Business Sales intermediary receives, on average, a 10% commission per sale, while the rate for real estate brokers falls around 6% – according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Average Sales Price

The average sales price per business at VR Business Sales is $470.000, while most homes run lower around $200,000.

Average Sales Cycle

You will find at VR Business Sales that 5 to 8 months is the average sales cycle for an engagement, while Realtors see a house sell in 12 to 15 months.

Average Splits

The average split at VR Business Sales is 50/50, while NAR office owners see the short end of a split closer to 90/10.

Minimum Commissions

At VR Business Sales, every office receives a minimum commission on a deal, ranging anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000. Generally, real estate brokers do not receive a minimum commission, as it depends on the stipulations of the sale.

Earning Potential (Top of Price Range)

Any VR business intermediary has the potential of selling listings up to $160 million in value, whereas real estate brokers have only a limited roof of what they can achieve financially.

Average Office Sales

Taking into account every M&A office surveyed in the business brokerage industry, the average sales per office computes at over $1 million, while real estate brokers in NAR have seen their office sales plummet to below $500,000 annually.

Average Annual Earnings

Business sales intermediaries average $179,000 annually in earnings, while real estate brokers earn a fraction of that amount at a little under $48,000.

Inventory Turnover

The success rate at VR Business Sales is quite high, with 1 out of 2 businesses closing. Real estate brokers have a substantially lower inventory turnover rate with 1 out of every 14 real estate listings closing.

Market Potential

Economist Robert Avery from Cornell University estimates that $10 trillion of assets and over 12 million privately-held companies will be transferred as Baby Boomers start to retire. Other estimates predict that 10,000 Baby Boomers will become eligible for Social Security every day with 80 million retiring over the next two decades. This only makes VR Business Sales a more logical and profitable opportunity over selling real estate.

Most real estate brokers don’t realize the full potential of facilitating the sale of a business. Especially with the current real estate crisis here in the United States, why struggle when you can seize the advantages at VR Business Sales?


Investigate your marketplace. Are there privately-held business owners receiving professional representation when trying to sell their business? If not, do you believe that as a franchisee in the VR Business Sales organization you can offer Valued Representation to business owners, and pride yourself at becoming the premier firm in your market

If you see the need to help those business owners, and develop a career in business you can be proud of, learn more about how you can fulfill your professional and financial goals at VR Business Sales today!

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