How to Retain Customers After the Deal Closes

JoAnn Lombardi VR President  
When a company is acquired, its loyal customers may feel uncertain about the new owners – uncertain enough to take their business elsewhere. It's important, therefore, to start making customer-retention plans early in the acquisition process to help allay customer fears, thwart predatory competitors and ensure post-deal profitability. Even if you don't have the budget for a large-scale marketing campaign, you can make a good first impression and build a positive relationship with your acquisition's customers by implementing these simple strategies: Do your research….

5 Ways to Prepare For Business Transaction Deal Breakers

Peter C. King VR CEO  
You’re buying a rival company. The transaction is nearly complete. At the last minute, an unexpected problem arises, and the deal falls apart. This nightmare scenario plays out countless times every year. But you greatly increase the odds of a smooth and successful acquisition by looking for potential deal breakers early in your due diligence efforts. The best time to address these situations is before the other company’sproblems become yours. Here are five potentially unanticipated deal breakers: 1. Evaluate litigation risk….

The VR Transaction Process: 20 steps For A Successful Sale – Pt II

JoAnn Lombardi VR President  
Last week our CEO Peter King took a look at the first 10 steps in the VR Transaction Process. This week we will continue with the remaining 10. This proven methodology is time tested and will guide you down the path to a successful transaction. Without further ado: 11. Offer Acceptance or Counter Offer: You may accept the offer as it is written, or with the help and experience of your VR Intermediary, create a counter offer or reject the offer entirely. If necessary, we will facilitate the negotiations of the counter proposals. 12….

The VR Transaction Process: 20 Steps To A Successful Sale – Part 1

Peter C. King VR CEO  
With over 30 years of experience in selling small to medium enterprises (SME), VR has developed a dynamic and effective Transaction Process to promote a win/win outcome for both Buyer and Seller. Over the next two blog entries, we shall be sharing with you the 20 Step VR Process to Selling your business. Here are the first 10 Steps to a successful sale: 1. InitialMeeting: TheinitialmeetingservesasanintroductiontoVRandexplanationonhowVRcanhelpmaximizethevalueofyourbusinessandansweranyquestions….

Preparing an Offer as a Business Buyer

When you are looking to buy a business, VR will assist you in finding the one that matches your qualifications and interests. More importantly, we will educate you on what the seller expects from you as a buyer, performing due diligence and writing an offer that’s fair in relation to the marketplace.
Both the seller and you, as the buyer, have to understand each other’s motivations and personality types. Every VR business intermediary will assist you in deciding what is most important to you in the offer.
Every prospective buyer that contacts one of our VR offices regarding an available business for sale will come in for a consultation….

Buying a Franchise Buys You Their Brand

If you’re an entrepreneur seeking to invest in a business opportunity, a franchise can be very lucrative and advantageous. This starts with the brand name recognition that the franchisor has built through delivering a quality product or service with a strong marketing campaign.
This brand recognition is a major asset and valued intangible that the franchisor can offer a franchisee when they buy into a new franchise opportunity. The franchisor brand only becomes more valuable as the franchise matures, and consumers not only recognize the name but relate to the quality product and services that they offer….

Using New Yardsticks to Measure Your Business

The Internet is an important tool for enhancing the value of any business and its owners. As a business owner, it allows you to develop new ways to measure your performance as well as market to qualified buyers if you are looking to sell.
At VR, we use a variety of different yardsticks to help enhance the value of your business so that it will be more attractive to qualified buyers. In today’s marketplace and marketspace, it’s imperative that you utilize the resources that VR provides to effectively sell your business.
It can be a challenging process to move to a more e-centered universe with your business as you prepare to sell….