2013 VR Conference

How SEO Has Changed

  • The days of keyword stuffing and link schemes is over.  Google’s latest few updates have all but eliminated “black hat” SEO tactics.  A list of updates can be found at http://moz.com/google-algorithm-change

  • The focus now is creating quality content, becoming an expert in your industry, and obtaining links naturally.

  • Search engines are using social media more and more to determine who are the experts and what brands are relevant to any given search.

How To Take Advantage

Paid Advertising

  • The two main online advertising channels are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. 

  • Both systems use a cost per click model.  They also allow advertisers to target people in specific areas, of specific ages, gender, and education.

  • The advantage of Google Adwords is you catch users at the time of their interest. ie: when they search.

  • The advantage of Facebook Ads is you can target users with specific interests ie: those interested in business opportunities.