The 2011 VR Business Brokers Sales Conference – Fort Lauderdale, FL

VR Business Brokers owners and associates from around the globe gathered for the 2011 VR Business Brokers Sales Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida this past month.

Held at the Renaissance Fort Lauderdale Cruise Port Hotel, owners and associates were exposed to a full three days of wonderful speakers, enlightening presentations, important key takeaways and magnificent company. It is safe to say that the event was more than a triumph, but an exciting indicator for the success all the VR offices will have for 2012.

The 2011 VR Conference kicked right off with a festive welcome reception at the VR Global Headquarters, located in the busy financial district of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida on the evening of Thursday, October 13th. Both domestic and international VR franchisees and associates arrived to meet with VR C.E.O. Peter King, President JoAnn Lombardi and the VR Corporate staff. One didn’t have to realize the significance of the occasion when you had VR owners such as Stephen and Leslie Fitzgerald of the Savannah, Georgia office in the company’s reception area with Burak Kutal of the Istanbul, Turkey office, and Jose Maria Varas Garcia of the master franchise in Spain. It was amazing to see previous VR MVI recipients Scot Cockroft, Steve Fischer, and Jay Offerdahl pose in front of the respective trophy as drinks and tapas were served throughout the three-hour extravaganza.

The introduction of the VR Email Marketing Campaign is a clear indicator of the direction VR is headed; designed to generate new leads for those looking to buy a business or sell their business. VR President, JoAnn Lombardi, worked to fine-tune each email campaign message to reach its fullest impact. The six-month campaign, starting this January is designed to increase sales, where franchisees and associates can determine the scope of the area that they are interested in focusing their marketing efforts.

The conference proceeded with a discussion on the branded and strategic efforts surrounding the VR Note Buyers Program, specializing in the funding of business-backed and franchise-backed promissory notes.

Following was a discussion and presentation on E2 and EB5 Visas for potential business owners. Many questions arose about the possibilities of further cross-border M&A transactions. Both domestic and international VR franchisees and associates were enthused to learn the full-range of business immigration assistance services.

The current state of private equity in today’s markets was also mentioned, and explained how dealings with business intermediaries, accountants, lenders and attorneys are used to find good investment prospects.

The third and final day of the VR Conference, October 15th, began with the announcement of the VR Social Media Marketing Campaign. Using the majority of the morning to roll out the plan, dialogues erupted on how every VR office can utilize social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Every office can build and expand their operations. The two-hour presentation showed how to do this through posting announcements on the latest and current engagements, transactions, informative posts on buying and selling a business. VR has changed the way businesses change hands. Social media is changing the way that businesses interact with their clientele; and VR is directly embracing this new medium.

The afternoon continued while VR owners and associates intensely listened to an illuminating presentation, which detailed a wide range of assistance offered to clients in helping to secure financial goals using retirement funds to acquire a business. The #1 lender to small businesses in the U.S. offered advice and answered many questions on assisting prospective business buyers find the most necessary lending available.

VR Corporate presented the highly anticipated and proprietary VR 3-Month Associate Training Program and VR Master Business Intermediary (MBI) Online Program. The VR MBI program is the most extensive for training in the world for full-time professional intermediaries. As each VR franchisee and associate knows, good training is the foundation of any successful business. Both programs deliver on the ability for every office to build a strong inventory and complete business sales.

The VR Conference delivered on showcasing a strong marketing plan for every VR office to follow to have a prosperous 2012 that sets us apart from the entire industry. The anticipation is high that what has been introduced and provided will set fortunes into motion by the time the next VR Conference arrives.

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