Dream Team

Join the VR team as a franchisee and serve the lower mid-market
as an M&A specialist

VR Business Broker Teamknowledgeable and experienced M&A deal team can help facilitate and streamline the business sale process-from due diligence to negotiations to the execution of agreements and other post deal transactions. Becoming a VR Franchisee affords you the opportunity to assist sellers of privately held lower mid-market companies to successfully navigate the selling process and put together a winning dream team that can produce a win-win outcome for all parties.


Choose members wisely

Some of the most important decisions you’ll make in the process concern selecting professionals to help with your M&A deal.  A deal team may consist of financial and
legal experts or you may need to expand the team to include – depending on the
size and scope of the deal and your industry-specialists from fields such as
government and environmental regulation, human resources, risk management,
information technology, and operations. As a VR Intermediary, you will lead the
team, helping to organize and package information from all certifiable sources and
further negotiate the deal.

Your seller’s current legal and accounting advisors may be able to serve on
your deal team and recommend M&A experts to work with you. When evaluating
potential advisors, you will want to consider such factors as their:

  • Experience with transactions similar to yours in terms of size and industry,
  • Success rate with previous clients,
  • Number of engagements handled per year, and
  • Professional affiliations.

Guide your team

Because of increased concerns about fraud, financial misrepresentations
and the profitability of consolidation, many buyers have intensified their due
diligence and are demanding a more qualitative analysis of an acquisition
target. They will be ready to devote time to the information-gathering and
negotiation process.

As your seller comes under intense scrutiny, your team needs to be in place as
early in the process as possible to enhance the value of your seller’s assets
and prepare to support the company’s credibility. Any significant surprises
uncovered by a buyer during the due diligence phase will almost certainly lead
to a reduced offer.

Ensuring that team members understand the goals of a deal is critical. Buyers
need to articulate their consolidation objectives-for example, whether theirs
is a financial or strategic acquisition-and which of the target’s assets are of
greatest interest. Sellers need to communicate their selling price goals and
unique value drivers and outline other issues, such as the protection of
intellectual property and financial information.

Without clear guidance, conflicting views and opinions from the buyer and
seller will affect the outcome of the deal. You, as a trained VR professional
can avoid this by assigning tasks to specific individuals, based on their areas
of expertise. You may end of leading both sellers and buyers into forming
separate  due diligence committees. Comprising company executives and select deal team advisors, you will lead the committee to meet regularly to review the status and progress of the due diligence process.

Know your purchase agreement

Buyer and seller deal teams also will be instrumental during the negotiation process. The teams can help outline the structure of the deal, purchase price, financial terms, integration and any potential “deal killers.”

Once the parties have come to an agreement, your VR deal team will review the
purchase agreement’s terms and conditions along with the seller’s professional
advisors. For example, the team may work through actual conditions that may
arise and run model purchase price adjustments using anticipated inputs, such
as how current assets and current liabilities are defined.

As the team anchor, you  must be prepared to suggest additional stipulations into the purchase agreement to solve issues that will affect the final purchase price, such as a valuation of a piece of intellectual property. Once the purchase agreement is signed, your job as a professional VR Intermediary will continue to work together through any regulatory consent processes and assist, as necessary, with the process of merging finances, operations and other systems. Your VR team will also be
instrumental in ensuring that the terms of the transaction are carried out and
a “time is of the essence” closing event occurs.

Start building yours

The process of buying or selling can create tremendous pressure on buyers and sellers of privately held businesses. As a VR Franchisee, your job is to help ease and manage those pressures to a successful closing event.  Helping buyers and sellers achieve their goal and transition to the next phase of their life is a high calling.  Becoming a VR Franchise is not for everyone.  But for the few who select to go down that road, there are few professions that are as rewarding as assisting buyers and sellers in fulfilling their dreams and ambitions.

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Indicators Point to Economic Recovery to Continue Through 2012

Rise in Profits Leading to Increased Small Business Growth

The economy continues to improve according to new data that indicates higher than projected expectations. In a recent Business Week article, many analysts believe that that the second half of 2012 will bring continued growth, which includes areas in consumer and business spending, home building and manufacturing.

Due to many businesses keeping a tight overhead, profits have risen steadily. In the second quarter of 2011, profit rose at a 19.3% annual rate from the previous quarter. Profit margins continued to grow in the last quarter at much higher gains than at the end of the last economic downtown. With revenues projected to continue to increase, many businesses will take the incoming profits and start building their inventories, purchasing new equipment and hiring new employees.

With the latest economic projections, now is the time to look into buying a business. At VR Business Sales, we offer thousands of businesses for sale in all industries. We stand alone in our industry with our decades of experience and innovative tools that have facilitated 100s of thousands of successful business transactions since our inception in 1979.


Contact a VR office in your area today to find out how you can take advantage of the market trends as a business owner.

With increased business activity you can also benefit greatly by having your VR Business Brokerage office.
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Sell More Businesses With a VR Business Brokers Franchise Brokerage

VR has sold more businesses in the World than anyone®

You can become a part of the successful VR Business Brokers team.

VR Business Franchises are available in the U.S., Canada, and around the world.
By becoming part of the VR international business brokerage network you will have access to businesses for sale in a wide range of locations.

Through the extensive amount of resources available from VR you will be able to establish a successful business brokerage office by choosing one of the many available locations.

Business Brokers or Business Intermediaries provide a valuable service to both buyers and sellers of businesses of all types and sizes.

Through the extensive training and resources provided by VR, you’ll be trained to perform all the key functions of a successful business sale transaction.

VR will assist you as a new Franchisee in all phases of opening a new brokerage office, from:

  • Planning and selecting a viable location
  • Marketing of your new VR office
  • Building a strong team
  • Setting up your new office website
  • Building a Customer base
  • And all the steps in between to achieve the closing of many profitable transactions.

Take the next step toward a successful and rewarding career with VR.

View our VR Presentation Videos & PDFs  explaning the tools and resources that will be available to you as a VR Franchisee.

For direct questions please call VR at 800-377-8722  or 954-565-1555

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How To Be A Business Broker with VR Business Brokers

VR  is seeking full-time, committed professionals with entrepreneurial drive to join our international  network of business brokerage offices worldwide.

While VR is selective when choosing those to join its network of professional intermediaries, we also provide the best training and resources available to ensure that all our VR Franchise offices are highly successful.

When you join VR and its network of professional intermediaries, you are choosing to team up with the nation’s premier business intermediary firm. You will have made the best decision to exponentially increase your efficiency, expertise and most importantly, your earnings.

Upon joining the VR Team you will have access to our extensive training program plus the resources and tools to ensure your success.

Training – Over 75 courses covering all aspects of gaining clients and closing business sales.

Business Development Plan – Gives you a full working plan and strategy to build and expand your office.  You can see a working demo in the VR Presentation Videos & PDFs.

Your Own Custom Office Website –  You’ll have a website starting with 10 pages for your location which can be expanded to whatever number of pages you like.

Business-for-Sale Website – All of your office engagements have their own business-for-sale website!

Buyer Alert Program – Potential buyers can sign up for the VR Buyer Alert Program, which will send them daily email notification of new businesses for sale that fall within their range of interests.

Proprietary Operating System (MLS) – The BizEx system is VR’s proprietary operating system that links together all VR offices.

VR Marketing Superstore – All the marketing tools and resources including direct mail materials, business cards, letter templates, and a wide range of promotional materials – which you can easily order on-line.

VR Publications – VR has three publications that are focused on three different target audiences to help to reach your market.

Professional Telemarketing Services – VR offers professional telemarketing services to its franchisees through a US-based third-party professional telemarketing company.

Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software

Accounting Software

Many of the features described here are explained in more detail in our VR Presentation Videos & PDFs.

You can call VR directly at 800-377-8722 to ask any questions you may have about beginning or improving your career by becoming a VR Business Broker.

VR Business Brokers Grants New Franchise Location in Calgary, Alberta

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL – VR Business Brokers, the global leader in the sale of privately-held businesses, has agreed on terms to open a new location in Calgary,  Alberta.

Graene and Amber Ramsay have become the owners of what will be the VR office in the area.

Having had successful careers prior to joining, the Ramsays chose VR because of the many benefits it offers its business brokers from the wealth of exclusive resources and comprehensive training provided to the franchisor’s multi-service system in matching buyers’ interests, goals and desires with the right businesses.

Originally from South Africa, Graene started as Forestry Manager with HL+H before becoming General Manger of Oil Support Services for Tuc’s Contracting and later C.E.O. of ACFN Business Group.  Amber had a very successful career in real estate before both of them decided to open a VR office in Calgary.

The Ramsay’s decision to become VR business brokers comes at a time where Calgary’s economic forecast continues to be strong.  According to the Calgary Herald, the local economy will continue to grow at an average rate of 4.1 per cent a year between 2012 and 2015.

VR has many available locations throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

For information on how to open a VR Business Brokers Franchise office, please call (800) 377-8722 or visit Owning your own VR Business Franchise, also visit VR on Facebook  at VR Business Franchise Facebook Welcome page and VR Franchise Facebook Updates.

VR Business Brokers to Assist in Network Expansion of Expedia® CruiseShipCenters®

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL — VR Business Brokers, a leader in franchise and business placement for aspiring and established business owners, has partnered with Expedia® CruiseShipCenters® in expanding their franchise network across North America through their Franchise Showcase program.

Established in 1987, CruiseShipCenters® has proven to be one of the most powerful economic forces in the world. Through its network of 104 independently owned retail locations and 1,500+ Cruise Sales Consultants in North America, the company has grown at an average rate of 30% each year for the past two decades. In 2007, the company entered into a strategic partnership with Expedia Inc. (the world’s largest travel company) and rebranded to Expedia® CruiseShipCenters®. In addition to numerous travel industry awards, the company has been recognized for its leadership in the franchise community, earning the Canadian Franchise Association’s (CFA) Award of Excellence for the past five consecutive years.

“We’re very excited in this new endeavor we’ve begun with Expedia® CruiseShipCenters®,” said Bob Wolan, Director of Franchise Development. “This is a great opportunity for anyone that’s passionate about getting into a business ownership with a proven-successful brand.”

VR Business Brokers is the premier business brokerage company in the world, offering a multi-service approach to matching buyers’ interests, goals and desires with the right businesses. With over a 130 locations across the globe, VR Business Brokers is a company committed to a diversified menu of business advocate services.

For entrepreneurs who are interested in the rewarding field of business sales and mergers & acquisitions, VR has available the best Business Sales Franchise Opportunity which has one of the highest success rates in the industry.

For more information about owning a VR Franchise please contact our Director of Franchise Development at (800) 377-8722 or visit http://www.vrbusinessbrokers.com/franchise/VR-Franchise-Opportunity/VR-Business-Franchise.html or  http://vrbusinessfranchise.com/364/how-to-become-business-broker-brokerage-franchise-opportunity/

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VR Franchise for Sale Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment Banking transactions

Franchises For Sale throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America

VR is selective when choosing those to join its network of professional intermediaries, and is seeking full time, committed professionals with entrepreneurial drive. That’s because when you join VR and its network of professional intermediaries, you are choosing to team up with the nation’s premier business intermediary firm. You have made the decision to exponentially increase your efficiency, expertise and most importantly, your earnings.

In addition to representing buyers and sellers of all types of businesses and franchises, VR Franchisees are extensively trained in high level Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment Banking transactions. VR Franchise Offices also assist Buyers and Sellers of very large businesses and companies valued at more than 1 million dollars and higher.

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