The VR Transaction Process: 20 Steps To A Successful Sale – Part 1

With over 30 years of experience in selling small to medium enterprises (SME), VR has developed a dynamic and effective Transaction Process to promote a win/win outcome for both Buyer and Seller.  Over the next two blog entries, we shall be sharing with you the 20 Step VR Process to Selling your business.  Here are the first 10 Steps to a successful sale:

1.     Initial Meeting:

The initial meeting serves as an introduction to VR and explanation on how VR can help maximize the value of your business and answer any questions. During this meeting your VR Intermediary will ask to review your business tax returns, company financials, brochures and sales materials, and any other pertinent information to understand your company.

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Peter King | Determining Risk when Buying a Business

Determining Risk when Buying a Business

Article by Peter King, CEO of VR Business Brokers


Risk can be influenced by the stage of the venture, the competitive advantage, proprietary technology, the expertise and experience of management and many other factors that can determine whether a venture succeeds or fails.

Below is a list of some financial instruments that are sorted by ascending order of risk:

Senior Loans Across All Assets

Senior Loans with Specifically-Named Assets

Subordinated Loans across All Assets

Unsecured Loans

Preferred Stock

Common Stock

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Franchising Your Business by Peter King CEO VR Business Brokers

By Peter King CEO

Franchising is the technique for any business regardless of its size to expand its operation into other branches.

This process is regarded as one of the safest means of accomplishing growth. However, it requires careful planning to be successful.

Some of the main points include:

Acquire Legal Advice
Form a Business Plan
What’s Included in the Franchise Offer
Testing Your Concept in the Marketplace
Picking the Best Apples from the Tree

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VR offers a wide range of quality franchises available for sale, to explore the wide range of available choices visit the VR Franchise Showcase

A great franchising option is to own a  VR Business Sales Franchise.
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