Successful Business Sales Transactions by VR Business Franchise Owners

VR is celebrating over 30 years as the world’s only network of full-time professional business intermediaries that addresses the needs of small and mid-sized businesses.

VR’s leadership in the industry has pioneered and set the professional standard by which all other business sales and Intermediary firms are measured. VR’s unparalleled experience and expertise, unmatched resources, and the most highly trained network of Professional Business Intermediaries have been instrumental in positioning the organization globally as the choice of serious buyers and sellers of business enterprises.

Here are just a few examples of recent successful business transactions by VR Business Sales Franchise Offices:


Medical Billing Practice
VR Mergers & Acquisitions of Chattanooga, Tennessee, a leader in the sale of privately-held companies, recently facilitated the strategic sale of a medical billing practice.

The transaction, which closed this month, was handled by Ron Peterson, a business intermediary specialist.

Importer/Distributor of Gifts & Souvenirs
VR Mergers & Acquisitions, located in San Diego, California, the leading business intermediary firm in the area, has recently facilitated the strategic sale of an importer/distributor of gifts & souvenirs.

Ken Oppeltz, a VR Intermediary, represented the seller throughout the transaction that was completed in October 2010.


Wine Megastore
VR Mergers & Acquisitions located in Great Neck, New York, announced today it has been engaged by a wine megastore to assist in facilitating the sale of their business.

This breathtaking megastore offers a wide selection of artisan wines, in addition to all the main stream brands, liquors and beers. Located in the shadows of midtown Manhattan, it is positioned in the heart of one of the trendiest, up-and-coming new developments in NJ.

Go to VR Web Site for further details.

Established Automotive Supply Store
VR Business Sales in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, specializing in the sales and acquisitions of small and mid-sized businesses, has announced that the company has been retained to facilitate the sale of a estalbished automotive supply store.

With one of the best retail locations at the intersection of two major state highways, this business provides auto parts service in the SE Wisconsin area.

Click here for further details and contact information.

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VR has sold more businesses in the world than anyone®.

Becoming a VR Business Sales Franchise Owner

When you open a new VR Franchise Office you will be trained to provide every client with the same level of service and professional resources that a large institutional client receives from the finest investment bank.

VR is committed to work diligently with every franchisee to provide the proper tools and training needed to successfully compete within the industry.

VR will provide a comprehensive team consultancy approach to each and every business transaction combined with continual on-going support.
You’ll find yourself in extremely good company as a Professional dealing with other like-minded Professionals.

For more information on how you can become part of the successful VR Business Sales Franchise group contact us online or
Call Director of Franchise Development, Toll-Free: 800-377-8722  or 954-565-1555

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Business Sales vs. Selling Real Estate – Which is more profitable in this economy?

Are you involved in Real Estate Sales or are you a Real Estate Broker?
You Should Consider The Advantages Of Selling Businesses and Mergers & Acquisitions through VR Business Sales.

Before Buying a Franchise to be an m&a advisor or becoming a broker to sell real estate, there are several factors to consider in this economy.

Privately-held businesses drive the United States economy. There are over 25 million privately-held businesses alone in United States, which make up over 52% of the United States GDP and 50% of the domestic workforce. The same holds true around the world as privately-held businesses are the economic engine of most countries. With these figures, it only makes sense as a real estate broker to take advantage and start engaging in business sales.

At VR Business Sales, you have the ability to grab hold of a market that’s continually growing, while the real estate industry is continuing to bottom out. As a VR Business Sales intermediary, you will capitalize in an industry that’s full of lucrative opportunities.

Average Commission

Every VR Business Sales intermediary receives, on average, a 10% commission per sale, while the rate for real estate brokers falls around 6% – according to the National Association of Realtors (NAR).

Average Sales Price

The average sales price per business at VR Business Sales is $470.000, while most homes run lower around $200,000.

Average Sales Cycle

You will find at VR Business Sales that 5 to 8 months is the average sales cycle for an engagement, while Realtors see a house sell in 12 to 15 months.

Average Splits

The average split at VR Business Sales is 50/50, while NAR office owners see the short end of a split closer to 90/10.

Minimum Commissions

At VR Business Sales, every office receives a minimum commission on a deal, ranging anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000. Generally, real estate brokers do not receive a minimum commission, as it depends on the stipulations of the sale.

Earning Potential (Top of Price Range)

Any VR business intermediary has the potential of selling listings up to $160 million in value, whereas real estate brokers have only a limited roof of what they can achieve financially.

Average Office Sales

Taking into account every M&A office surveyed in the business brokerage industry, the average sales per office computes at over $1 million, while real estate brokers in NAR have seen their office sales plummet to below $500,000 annually.

Average Annual Earnings

Business sales intermediaries average $179,000 annually in earnings, while real estate brokers earn a fraction of that amount at a little under $48,000.

Inventory Turnover

The success rate at VR Business Sales is quite high, with 1 out of 2 businesses closing. Real estate brokers have a substantially lower inventory turnover rate with 1 out of every 14 real estate listings closing.

Market Potential

Economist Robert Avery from Cornell University estimates that $10 trillion of assets and over 12 million privately-held companies will be transferred as Baby Boomers start to retire. Other estimates predict that 10,000 Baby Boomers will become eligible for Social Security every day with 80 million retiring over the next two decades. This only makes VR Business Sales a more logical and profitable opportunity over selling real estate.

Most real estate brokers don’t realize the full potential of facilitating the sale of a business. Especially with the current real estate crisis here in the United States, why struggle when you can seize the advantages at VR Business Sales?


Investigate your marketplace. Are there privately-held business owners receiving professional representation when trying to sell their business? If not, do you believe that as a franchisee in the VR Business Sales organization you can offer Valued Representation to business owners, and pride yourself at becoming the premier firm in your market

If you see the need to help those business owners, and develop a career in business you can be proud of, learn more about how you can fulfill your professional and financial goals at VR Business Sales today!

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Director of Franchise Development
VR Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

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