Master Business Intermediary Designation from VR MBI® Academy

VR Master Business Intermediary Academy® provides MBI® Master Business Intermediary Designation

Through the proprietary VR Master Business Intermediary Academy®, we provide the most extensive training program in the world for our full-time professional intermediaries.Successful completion of initial and ongoing training allows VR intermediaries to aspire to their MBI® (Master Business Intermediary) designation. Once achieved, they gain the acknowledgement of being at the pinnacle of our profession not only nationally but globally.

Training builds the future of any world-class organization. VR acknowledges this responsibility for internal training by making a long-term commitment to the VR Education Committee as well as a contracted relationship with the same organization that develops training programs for Starbucks, Hewlett Packard and other Fortune 1,000 enterprises.

This commitment to education differentiates VR from all of its industry competitors that rely solely on trade association seminars to train rather than investing capital in its people.

Upon joining VR you will be trained on how to:

  • Build an inventory of quality businesses to sell
  • Value and price a business
  • Formulate different transaction structures to maximize value
  • Prepare a VR Business Profile
  • Confidentially launch a marketing campaign
  • Educate buyers and sellers on the transaction process
  • Recast financial statements for privately-held companies
  • Facilitate negotiations
  • Prepare all necessary documentation
  • Navigate successful due diligence

And of course…successfully close business sales!

A minimum of 7,500 credits is required to earn the Master Business Intermediary (MBI®) designation, along with successfully achieving VR required performance standards. MBI® candidates earn credits in the following areas:

      1.      Foundation Curriculum

      2.      Business Sales Curriculum

      3.      Mergers & Acquisition Curriculum

      4.      Participation

      5.      Experience

Candidates must achieve a passing grade of 75% on each course exam to receive credit.

VR is committed to give our intermediaries the best training and tools to be successful. From the classroom to the marketplace, ongoing continual training and support is vital to our organization’s success.

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