JoAnn Lombardi – Preparing an Offer For Buying A Business

Preparing an Offer as a Business Buyer

By JoAnn Lombardi, President VR Business Brokers

Attention to detail is important with every aspect of the business that is for sale.

As a buyer, you will have to perform your due diligence before an agreement is drafted and signed by you and the seller.

Some of the key aspects to consider are:

  • Outlining all the positives and negatives to the deal;
  • Resolving the challenges that are preventing negotiations from moving forward;
  • Find the middle ground where both you and the seller can come to terms;
  • Present and have signed the purchase agreement.

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In buying a business, our skilled VR Business Intermediaries can help toward finding a business that matches your qualifications and interests, as well as informing you on what the Seller expects from you as a Buyer.

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