JoAnn Lombardi – Following the Correct Path to Selling a Business

Following the Correct Path to Selling a Business

By JoAnn Lombardi, President VR Business Brokers

The time always comes when you decide to sell your business. You may have not thought about it when you were looking to buy, but this situation happens all the time: the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity becomes a financial and psychological albatross that you seek to have someone else take over.

… not all businesses are sold as a result of being financially in the doldrums. There are personal reasons such as illness, death or impending retirement of the owner.

If an owner reaches the point that it’s time to “pass the torch,” the sense of urgency to sell will hit like a tidal wave. If the buyer senses this, the offering price will drop and the terms will become more difficult to negotiate even if the business is in solid condition.

If you’ve decided to sell your business, we here at VR can help you accomplish this.

Do not even attempt to consult someone that is not experienced in selling businesses …

This is why you need to go through one of our VR business intermediaries. We will guide you through the process from start to finish without any confusion or apprehension.

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For direct assistance in selling your business you can contact our VR Headquarters at  1.800.377.8722  and we will direct you to one of our experienced Intermediaries in your area.


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