Articles by JoAnn Lombardi Pres. of VR Business Sales and VR Mergers & Acquisitions

Articles by JoAnn Lombardi – President and Chairman of VR Business Sales and VR Mergers & Acquisitions

Determining the Right Time to Sell Your Business

This is a hard question to ask, which can only be answered when it comes down to deciding to sell a business. Some argue that you should sell when the business is doing well, which can give you the most control over the deal and maximize your profit. However, others argue that the owner should sell when the business is on a non-seasonal downward trend.
Circumstances Determine the Time to Sell a Business
Deciding when to sell a business depends on the circumstances of the owner, but there are a number …
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Buying a Business Instead of Starting One

So you’ve made the decision to own a business. Hundreds of people work their way through the same thought process, weighing the costs and benefits of self-employment versus career employment. Yes, there are risks to taking the route of owning your own business; but when youbuy an existing business as opposed to starting one from scratch, you have the best overall chances financially and emotionally of succeeding. The advantages tobuying a business are less risky where you already have …
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Using a VR Business Intermediary When Selling Your Business

Apart from buying or selling your house, selling your business stands as one of the biggest financial steps that you will take. The reasons that a business owner sells are wide and varied – retirement, health, relocation, etc. Regardless of the reason, you will need to recruit a VR business intermediary in preparing, marketing and managing the selling process. A VR business intermediary is uniquely trained, prepared to offer you as the business owner advice as well as to position the …
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