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Financial Management Consulting Firm Seeks Expansion

Dynamic Advisory Solutions Joins the Franchise Showcase

SEPTEMBER 7, 2010 — The VR Franchise Showcase, a leader in franchise placement for aspiring and established business owners, welcomes Dynamic Advisory Solutions as the latest franchisor to become an exclusive member to further expand their operations across North America.

Dynamic Advisory Solutions (DAS) is a financial management consulting firm that specializes in CFO and Controller services. Founded in 2000, their services go beyond compliance and transactional accounting work. They strive to help plan the future of their clients, manage overall business performance and achieve their goals of growth and profitability.

Their pricing is significantly less than the cost of employing a CFO or Controller. DAS helps businesses that are concerned about their lack of timely and accurate financial information, frustrated by the time they are spending on their accounting/finance, uncertain about their business goals, nervous about their financial health, struggling to achieve their financial objectives and grappling with financial issues.
This is a choice opportunity for a business professional with strong interpersonal skills that has experience in sales, marketing, finance or accounting.  Click here to discover what Dynamic Advisory Solutions can provide for you.

About the VR Franchise Showcase

The VR Franchise Showcase will support you with your decision in selecting the franchise business that’s right for you.
When you are making a career decision that involves investing your own money, you want the best advice that you can receive. With only one shot at making this the right decision, it’s important to have the most competent people on your team. Learn more about how the VR Franchise Showcase can fulfill your professional and financial goals as a franchise owner today!

The Advantage of Becoming a VR Business Franchise Owner

A unique opportunity available is the purchase of a VR Business Franchise for selling franchises, businesses, and mergers & acquisitions.

By becoming a VR Business Franchise Owner you will be able to market and sell Franchises of all types to your clients. Through the comprehensive training you’ll receive as a VR Franchisee you will learn all the techniques for effectively marketing and selling franchises, as well as any other type of business including mergers & acquisitions. And you’ll be comforted in knowing that VR Franchisees have had one of the highest success rates in the industry. Through the support and training from VR your business sales office can become part of the VR success.

For more information about owning a VR Business Franchise, please contact:
Toll-Free: 800-377-8722  or 954-565-1555

Director of Franchise Development
VR Business Sales, Mergers & Acquisitions

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